Ready, Set, Refresh

These past few weeks have been a bit of a blur if I’m being honest. When life starts moving too fast, I almost start to feel like a robot going through the same motions day in and day out. I forget about all of the things I normally love to do on a daily basis mainly because my brain compartmentalizes what needs to get done from what I want to get done. All of my energy during the day is focused on my day job especially when things are particularly hectic and I find myself working hours that are definitely nowhere near your normal 9-5. When my schedule finally calms down and I start to feel a bit more like myself, I like to spend my time doing a few mind-numbing activities before I get back into the normal swing of things. This past weekend has been solely dedicated to hitting my recharge button. And I don’t feel bad about it. I’ve slept in, binge-watched the best show on Netflix and enjoyed PizzaHut on a stormy Saturday afternoon. Sometimes the best weekends are the ones where you don’t have any set plans, but know that you’re up for doing a whole lot of nothing. Here are some ideas to help re-boost your mind and body before getting back to your normal routine because this kind of laziness is definitely necessary from time to time. 
Binge watch a show on Netflix
You may or may not have heard about a show called Stranger Things. And if you haven’t, get on the bandwagon now because I’m positive you’ll thank me later. Stranger Things is a Netflix-original drama that’s about a little boy who goes missing in a small Indiana town during the 80’s. It falls into the sci-fi horror/thriller/mystery genre and features a pretty incredible soundtrack. Another thing about this show- the kid actors are basically adults trapped in small bodies. There’s some serious acting skills going on here.
Bake or cook a new recipe
I really want to get into baking because I think I’d really enjoy it, but my mom never baked much when I was growing up. Therefore, I just never really got into it myself. I know it’s a very comforting hobby for many people, so I thought I’d include it here. Cooking on the other hand, I do quite often. One of my favorite cookbooks at the moment is Lean in 15 by Instagram star, Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach. Lean in 15 has so many delicious, easy recipes that are perfect for a relaxing weekend in with a friend, roommate or signifiant other.  
Have a clean-out or run a few errands 
Your bedroom may be getting a little out of control and if that’s the case, it might be a good time to have a clear out. I should take my own advice because I’m way overdue for a spring cleaning session and we have one more month left of summer. Oops. Alternatively, you can run a few errands that you’ve been putting off for a few weeks now. Nobody loves doing laundry, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. 
Get 8 hours or more of sleep 
Don’t make any early morning plans because your alarm should not be waking you up. Let your body get up when it wants to even if that means noon. I don’t have any trouble sleeping, but if you do, take some melatonin about 30 minutes before bed. Happy catching Zzzzzz’s…
Plan some time off 
Because you deserve it. It’s always nice knowing you have a vacation or even a few personal days already marked off on your calendar. When things get crazy, it’s comforting to know that some much needed R&R is around the corner. It will keep your energy up and make you feel better about having to work your butt off during busy season. 

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