For The Love Of The Pleated Skirt

Top: Topshop. Skirt: Topshop. Shoes: Topshop (old but buy similar here). Bag: Rebecca Minkoff.

The pleated skirt is one wardrobe staple I can’t get enough of! I already own two different metallic pleated skirts and have my eye on a few solid color options to add to my growing collection. Pleated skirts made a comeback in 2016, but I think they’re definitely here to stay or at least I hope so!


There are so many different ways to style the pleated skirt, which is both feminine and playful. They add instant chic to any outfit all while being floaty and comfortable. You can pair your skirt with a leather biker jacket for a feminine meets edgy look or a plain bell-sleeve top with heels for a sleek and elegant vibe. I’ve decided to go with the ‘opposites attract’ rule by pairing my metallic pleated skirt with a casual high-neck gray sweater. It’s funny how we get dressed in the morning thinking of what ‘goes together’ when really, we should challenge ourselves to think more about opposites. I’ve been trying to keep this in mind because I find that outfits that don’t necessarily go together end up being the best ones.

Pairing a casual sweater with a statement metallic skirt as opposed to what I would usually pair it with (jeans) makes the outfit feel a bit more unique. It’s casual and comfortable, yet put together. The black bag and black shoes feel like the right choice given the metallic skirt is enough of a statement piece. And in staying true to my love for keeping things simple in the outfit department with the exception of one ‘loud’ piece, the choice to wear a black bag and black shoes felt like a safe choice for this particular combo.

What do you think of the opposites attract rule when it comes to fashion? Are you a fan of the pleated skirt and if so, how do you prefer to style it?

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