Finding Inspiration in Your Life

Inspiration is what I need to keep pushing myself day in and day out to achieve more in my life and not settle for what’s comfortable. When I’m inspired, my ideas start to flow whether they relate to my job, my blog or even my future career and what I hope to achieve someday. Everyone needs inspiration in their life. A boring, normal routine will not keep us sustained and hungry for whatever it is that will make us feel fulfilled and ultimately happy. Happiness is the one overarching goal everyone has in life. Your partner, family, career, hobbies, etc. all work together to hopefully make you happy. And a happy, fulfilled life is all anyone can ask for. 

I’m not perfect. I get lazy especially after a long week of working long hours. I’m young in my career and sometimes I just don’t want to think about what I could be doing to be more productive and contribute more to my overall life goals. When the lazy feelings start to kick in, inspiration is what I need to get back on track. It’s the equivalent of drinking expresso in the morning to get a little dose of that caffeine high. There’s been plenty of times when Netflix has consumed more of my time than I would ever like to admit. However, I do believe that television is the best way to numb my brain when the thoughts in my head won’t shut up.

It’s true that inspiration is all around us. However, I can’t necessarily say it’s always easy to get inspired. I get inspired by people in all aspects of my life. I can be inspired by someone who I know personally or alternatively, I can be inspired by people who I feel like I know because of their blog or YouTube channel. These people more or less taught me that you could create a life for yourself that isn’t the “normal” nine-to-five office job. And it’s possible to love almost every minute of what you do because no one has the perfect job or life, don’t forget that. Having an entrepreneurial mindset has always been ingrained into my way of thinking and the idea of having my own business someday is definitely something I’d like to potentially explore. I’m not sure if that will actually ever happen or if I definitely want it to at this point, but it’s nice to know I would never pass on an opportunity because I’m too scared or out of my comfort zone. Don’t ever limit yourself or settle for an easy career or life because you will most likely regret it. 

It’s people who work creatively for a living that inspire me most- whether they are authors, bloggers, editors, screenwriters, actors, etc. Those people have always been my No. 1 sources of inspiration. Find the type of people who inspire you most and use that inspiration to further yourself creatively or help you to achieve your personal goals. If you’re in the scientific or medical field or aspire to be, you may be inspired by specific doctors, researchers, chemists or geographers you know personally or know through books or the media.

It may be cliché to say this, but my experience studying abroad changed my outlook on life. Up until that point, I’d never been out of the country with the exception of Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic because I have family there. I studied abroad in London while I was in college and fell absolutely in love with the city. I was lucky enough to be able to travel while studying abroad and visited Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Istanbul and various parts of Ireland including Dublin, Galway and Cork. After all of the planes, trains, buses, metros and trams, I definitely understood what the term “wanderlust” meant. Traveling made me fall in love with life all over again. I saw the world and my place in it with a fresh pair of eyes and I’m really grateful to have had that experience.

Additionally, I find my hobbies inspire me on a regular basis. Make sure you take time out of your schedule to have “you time” whether that involves playing sports, writing, reading, cooking or hiking. Whatever it is you love to do in your free time, make sure you take time to do it no matter how busy you are. Because I love to write, I’ve spent weekends taking classes and intensive workshops at Gotham Writers in New York City. Taking writing workshops added value to my life because I was inspired creatively whilst getting the opportunity to work on my craft. Lastly, music inspires me in the same way that a book helps me escape from my reality. It’s not that I need the escape, it’s more that I like it. I hope this post has given you some ideas as to how to find inspiration in your life and I hope you use that inspiration to achieve whatever it is that will make you happy. I’d love to hear what inspires you most.

xx JG


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