ColourPop Cosmetics Haul & First Impressions

(L-R: MidiChiTrapBeeperTulleKae)

I’m having a love affair with liquid lipsticks at the moment. I love their long-wear, full coverage, glide on like a gloss, but dry matte appeal. They’ve definitely been having their moment in the spotlight lately being all over blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. in recent months. For me, it all started with the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks and the love really spread like wildfire guys. Almost like how Insta-famous beauty brand ColourPop Cosmetics burst out on the beauty scene about two years ago. How genius was it to target the millennial audience by marketing the brand specifically via social media and through beauty influencers. Looks like their master plan worked out because ColourPop now has 2.5 million followers on Instagram including myself. 

I first heard about ColourPop originally through Instagram (obviously) as I saw many makeup artists and bloggers I followed were wearing and raving about their products. The beauty addict in me had to have a peek at their website straight away and things got a little spendy. Surprise, surprise. Naturally, I was drawn to the unique pigments of their liquid lipsticks, especially the nudes. In the nude family, I ultimately decided to purchase Midi, Trap and Beeper, but I think a second purchase must be made soon because Bianca, I haven’t forgotten about you girl. I decided I needed to set a limit for myself otherwise things could get out of control. Surely six liquid lipsticks and four lip liners are enough, but it’s not easy to make decisions when there are SO many amazing shades to choose from at a price you really can’t beat. 

I picked up four lip liners that go hand-in-hand with the liquid lipstick selections I made. I paired Tulle with Lady Pencil, Chi with Chi Pencil, Kae with Kae Pencil and Midi, Trap and Beeper with BFF Pencil 2. Wearing a lip pencil underneath your lipstick really does make a difference, whether you’re team matte or team glossy. Your lipstick will last a lot longer and I find that a lip pencil can really intensify the color. If you’re just lining your lips, try filling in your entire lips with the lip pencil and then applying your lipstick afterward. That little trick makes my liquid lipstick last hours on end even after meals. Overall, I was very impressed by the quality of these products especially because of the fact that you can get them at a drugstore price. The only downfall is that the liquid lipsticks are pretty drying on the lips, but you kind of have to expect that. A good lip scrub and balm will work wonders to prep your lips before application. Also, make sure you take your liquid lipstick with you because the color wears off awkwardly and you’ll need to re-apply. 

Fun fact: ColourPop’s parent company Seed Beauty also produces Kylie Cosmetics. No wonder why ColourPop offers pigments uniquely similar to the Kylie Lip Kits. Hey, I’ll take it.

xx JG

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  1. Midi looks amazing! Never tried anything from Colourpop but would love to!

  2. Midi is actually my favorite out of the bunch. Definitely give it a try! xx

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