Five Ways To Stay Motivated


Even the most driven people loose energy and commitment every now and then. At the start of the new year, most people are at their peak in terms of staying motivated to achieve their goals or minor changes that can impact their lives for the better. The start of a brand new year instills within us a sense of hope that we can achieve whatever we set our minds to with a little kick up the butt. I’m sure you’ve noticed how many people hit the gym at the start of the new year, but start going less and less with each passing month. Hey, I get it. We’re only human. I think summer is the hardest time throughout the year to stay motivated. The sun is out and we’d rather be hanging out with friends at the beach or lounging by the pool as opposed to working hard to reach our goals in whatever form they may be. Here are some tips that I find help me to stay motivated when I’d rather just be eating pizza in bed re-watching episodes of The Vampire Diaries. Because let’s face it, that sounds like the perfect lazy weekend scenario to me.


Determine what drives your motivation
What is your passion or vision for the future? In order to stay motivated, you must determine a clear reason why you want to succeed and why it is so important for you to do so. Will you look back with regret if your passions are not fulfilled? Use your vision to give you extra motivation on those days when achieving the end goal seems nowhere in sight.
Think positively
It may seem difficult to always think positively, especially when failure can get the best of you. But without failure, there’d be no success because you wouldn’t learn from your mistakes. Accept that there may be minor bumps in the road to get to where you want to be. Try not to worry about problems before they exist or “anxious thinking” and just take each day at a time.
Surround yourself by hard-working people
People who are motivated, hard-working and goal-orientated will influence you in the best way possible. We receive positive energy and inspiration from other human beings in the form of thoughtful conversations, examples of creative work or simply by being in the presence of people we admire.
Have a strategy or plan in place
Getting from Plan A to Plan B may seem incredibly overwhelming and stressful to say the least. The bigger picture or end goal needs to be broken down into smaller, achievable pieces. A project can’t be completed in one whole chunk, but rather broken up into sections with deadlines. If you look at your end goal the same way, it will be easier to set a strategy or plan in place that can make achieving success seem more realistic.
Get organized
And I don’t just mean organized in the sense that you have a planner with all of your to-do’s written out. That’s great too, but getting your thoughts organized is more important because your brain has 100 ideas and different strategies you want to put into action as soon as possible, right? Many entrepreneurs tend to get pulled into so many different directions when it’s best to focus on one single idea or strategy at a time.
Getting my thoughts organized is probably the hardest tip I struggle with when it comes to staying motivated. Which motivational tip is most helpful for you? Are there any other tips you would recommend?

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