Lifestyle Favorites: Anthropologie, Snapchat, The Night Of & More

There are always a few things that I become hooked on for a couple of weeks or even months and they can range from products or tv shows to shops and certain foods. It was kind of hard not to throw a beauty bit into the mix, but I wanted to keep this strictly about a random mix of things I’ve been enjoying recently. I also want to point out that this round-up is by no means revolutionary. But hey, maybe you’ll find something below that makes you just as happy because it’s the little things in life that can turn a bad day into a good one. Not to get all sappy and stuff. 

iPhone Reminders
I’m so bad at remembering to do simple tasks like picking up dry cleaning, paying a credit card or running to the supermarket for milk. Luckily, I haven’t been forgetting about these mundane tasks thanks to the iPhone Reminders app, which has made me about 10x more productive. Why haven’t I been using it for years?! Anything I remember that needs to get done goes straight into my phone with a deadline. Done and done.

And while we’re on the tech subject, Snapchat is killing it right now. It’s not even just about the puppy dog filter although that is a huge reason why it’s so great, ha. What I enjoy most is the fact that I can watch my favorite beauty bloggers and vloggers do their thing on Snapchat similar to on YouTube, but in half the time. I do wish I was better about posting stories because I find I go on mainly to see what friends are up to or even to read the news at the top, which I’ve been enjoying lately.

In regards to shopping, I can’t pass by an Anthropologie and not go inside. Lately, I’ve come to appreciate just how inspiring this place is despite how damaging it is to my wallet. I suppose Anthro’s style can be described as somewhat of a whimsical fantasy- picture being in a cornflower field wearing a vintage floral dress with the wind blowing through your hair. Really though. What I like most about Anthropologie is the house and home section because the pieces are an eclectic mix of patterns, florals and other dreamy designs with gorgeous pops of color. Recently, I received a few gifts for when I move in with my boyfriend that I absolutely adore.

Anthropologie City Vignette Canape Plate

Anthropologie Delphina Spoon Rest & Anthropologie Cabana Candle

Lemon Water & The Night Of
To finish things off, my beverage of choice lately has been a big glass of ice cold water with a wedge of lemon squeezed inside. There is something about lemon water that I can’t get enough of. It’s not even about the fact that I’m trying to be healthy, I just simply love the taste. When you’re feeling relaxed sometime in the evening, sit down and watch The Night Of on HBO. It’s is an eight-part crime drama miniseries about a complex New York City murder case with cultural and political overtones. After binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix, I needed another show to fill the void of wanting more and this one will set you over the edge. Hope you’re enjoying the rest of your weekend! 

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