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unnamed-1With just a little over three months to spare, we’ll soon be saying goodbye to 2016. Weird, I know. But it’s better late than never to get back into a hobby you love or work on a personal goal you’ve been pushing aside. With that begin said, I’ve been excited about getting my hands on a  few books that have been hyped in the blogging community and social media. Lately, I’ve been reading the likes of Gillian Flynn to get excited for my favorite time of year (Autumn/Halloween). You may know Gillian Flynn as the writer of Gone Girl, a #1 New York Times Bestseller that was turned into a psychological thriller film starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. I recently finished her debut novel, Sharp Objects, which is about a newspaper journalist who returns to her hometown in Wind Gap, Missouri to report on a series of brutal murders. Her writing style is incredibly unique and just kind of sticks with you in a very unsettling way. It’s brilliant the way she manages to reveal that “a-ha” moment when you didn’t even see it coming. 

In keeping with the thriller/murder/mystery theme, I’m currently reading Dark Places, which is also by Gillian Flynn. The story already has all of my undivided attention and I’m not even that far in. Dark Places is about a woman who confronts the childhood memory of the murder of her mother and sisters as she investigates the possibility that her brother, who was convicted of the crime, may in fact be innocent. If thrillers aren’t really your cup of tea, a few other lighter suggestions may be better options to consider. For example, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic has been talked up recently and I took an interest in reading after learning that it was essentially a self-help book for creatives or people who aspire to live their lives creatively. You may know Elizabeth Gilbert from her novel Eat, Pray, Love, which was a 2006 memoir that was adapted into a film starring Julia Robert and Javier Bardem.


Finally, I picked up a few other must-reads that I should have read awhile ago- yes, I know I’m a little late to the book party. Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is finally part of my growing book collection. I figured this cult favorite will give me the motivation and inspo I need to keep my bedroom tidy – a daily struggle I can’t seem to conquer. And of course I have to read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child because why not? Harry Potter was a big part of my childhood as it was for countless others. I get far too excited when any of the Harry Potter films are on Freeform (ABC Family channel). Who else can relate?! And because I can’t get enough of thrillers, I couldn’t leave The Woman In Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware behind. It’s a story about a travel journalist who goes on a cruise for an assignment and believes she witnessed a woman being thrown overboard – talk about a twisted plot. Well, it looks like I have A LOT of reading to do. I’m curious to know which of the above interests you most – let me know!

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