A Glossier Haul & Product Review

There were a few things I knew I wanted to buy on Black Friday and Glossier was one of them. I’d seen a few of the new launches on a couple of my favorite blogs and Youtube channels. I’ve been a big fan of Glossier for about two years now. I was first introduced to the brand when I worked in the corporate events department at Condé Nast. One day, the Glossier PR team brought an ice cream cart to the company cafeteria and gave away free Balm Dotcom. If I recall correctly, they offered us Morgenstern’s ice cream in three different flavors to match their lip balm offerings: rose, cherry and mint. It was a lunchtime surprise and I’ve been a fan of the brand ever since.

What I Already Own
There are a few products I already own and have been using for some time now. The first product I ever purchased was Boy Brow in the shade brown. At the time I was using Benefit’s Gimme Brow on a regular basis and thought I’d give Boy Brow a try as I heard the two were similar. However, the texture of Boy Brow isn’t comparable to Gimme Brow because it’s more of a pomade than a brow gel. The formula is soft and flexible, which gives your brows a hold that’s not stiff. My brows are pretty thick on their own, so they only need a little touch-up in sparse areas. I find some products make them look too drawn-in and overdone, but alas Boy Brow does not. Aside from Boy Brow, I also had the Milky Jelly Cleanser, which is a creamy cleanser I would use in the morning and at night. I do love the formula and how it left my skin feeling clean, hydrated and soft. However, it didn’t do the best job at removing my makeup, which is why I wasn’t over the moon about it.

Then there’s the Stretch Concealer, which I haven’t stopped using since I purchased it several months ago. I should probably preface this by saying if you have oily skin, you likely won’t love it. I have combination skin, which gets super dehydrated in the winter. The formula is unlike any concealer I’ve ever tried because it has nourishing oils that allow the concealer to easily glide onto your skin. It’s great for everyday because it not only conceals, but leaves the skin under your eyes super moisturized. I do recommend setting everything in place with a powder afterward.

New Purchases
Like I mentioned previously, I picked up a few new Glossier bits on Black Friday that I’ve been LOVING. Let’s start with the Body Hero Daily Oil Wash. First off, the scent is a gorgeous, intoxicating blend of orange blossom and neroli. It’s a really unique product and I feel that there aren’t any products on the market quite like it. I actually bought it for my mom for Christmas and she’s over the moon about it. I didn’t pick up the Daily Perfecting Cream although now I wish I did. It’s definitely next on the list.

The Glossier Cloud Paints are a must-have for anyone who loves cream blush. Prior to purchasing Cloud Paint, I’d only ever used powder blushes. Game changer. One of my favorite bloggers, The Anna Edit, went to a Glossier event in London where Emily Weiss shared that she mixes Dusk and Beam together to create the most gorgeous blush shade for her skin tone. Seeing as we have similar skin tones, I went ahead and bought those two together. Because how you could you not trust the founder of the brand’s advice?! I’m so impressed with the pigmentation and coverage of these cream blushes…swoon.

And finally, I’ll fill you in on why my skin has never looked better than it does right now. I’ve been using The Super Pack – three serums that are packed with nutrients that absorb quickly to give your skin a boost. Each serum has different benefits for your skin depending on how it’s feeling that day. Lately, my skin has been feeling terribly dry and dehydrated. Therefore, I’ve been using Super Bounce religiously. When I’m breaking out, I’ll use Super Pure and when I want radiant, glowing skin, I’ll use Super Glow. Having a skincare routine that adapts to my skin’s needs on a day-to-day basis has made a huge difference in my overall skin’s appearance.

Let’s also not forget the best Balm Dot Com (birthday cake), which smells good enough to eat. This one also happens to be a favorite of Emily Weiss, so it’s definitely a good-un.

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