How To Make Time For The Things You Want To Do


As soon as you stop telling yourself that you don’t have time to do whatever it is you want to do is when you can actually start to make time for whatever that is. That’s what I’ve come to realize anyway. “But how will I find the time?” played over and over in my head. The truth is, you have to make time for the things you want to do because you definitely won’t find the time. And trust me, I know it’s hard. I think it ultimately comes down to how badly you want it. How much time do you want to devote to a passion project, exercise, or whatever it is you want? And are you willing to make a few sacrifices? We all have 24 hours in a day and it’s almost satisfying to know that each and every one of us is working with the same timetable. Yes, even Beyonce 😉

Creating more time in your day to dedicate to your hobbies or just plain ole R&R will make you a happier, more fulfilled person. If you’re naturally very organized, you might find this process a bit easier. Being organized improves your time management skills, which is key to freeing up some hours in your day. I can’t say I’m naturally a super organized person, but writing things down has definitely helped me. I’m currently using a bullet journal to keep track of everything and it’s been working for me so far (fingers crossed!) Even if journals or planners aren’t your thing, try to write a few tasks down on a note pad as it will be easier to manage on paper than in your head. Then take some time to think about the below points and how you can implement them into your life to free up some more time.


Find Your Time-Wasters
There might be big chunks of your day that are being spent on watching your favorite Netflix shows, scrolling through social media platforms or surfing the Internet. You shouldn’t feel like you have to eliminate these things completely because if they bring you joy, than they’re worth your time. However, moderation is key. I didn’t realize how many hours of my day I was wasting on these things until I actually kept track. You don’t have to watch every single show that your friend recommends on Netflix. Maybe pick one and treat that show as a treat and something to look forward.

Wake Up Earlier
Gone are the days when I would wake up at noon on the weekends. Even if I have a really late night, my body doesn’t let me sleep until noon anymore. My biological clock usually wakes me up around 7:00am, unless I’m super tired. Getting up earlier in the morning is a very tough undertaking! But it’s usually one of the only times during the day that you’ll be free of any distractions. After waking up slightly earlier every day, you’ll have time to exercise, write or even check emails if that means your day will go smoother. I always wished I was a morning person and luckily, I feel I’m turning into one! You can do it too.

Learn To Say No
There are so many things we do because we feel obligated to, not because we legitimately want to. If you genuinely don’t want to do something or feel it’s not worth your time, then don’t do it. Learn to say no! If you devote more time to what you actually want to be doing, you’ll likely get more done overall. Try to delegate tasks when possible because having some rest and relaxation time is equally as important. In order to be productive and creative, we also need to Netflix and chill. I am also 100% for saying no if it means you have quality time to Netflix and chill, by the way.

Work in a Timeframe
Try your best to set a time for yourself to work and free yourself of any distractions while doing so. While you’re committing yourself to working during this time, try to work on one task at a time. While most people think they’re effective multi-taskers, I’ve learned that it’s not really effective to handle several tasks at once. A few months ago, I heard about a technique that I like to implement when I’m feeling lazy and unproductive. It’s called the Pomodoro Technique and it helps you leverage bursts of energy or focus by holding yourself to a time limit. Ultimately, it should help you get what you need to done faster and with less distractions.

Good luck and talk soon! Xx

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